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Tax Planning

We know that everyone is not ready to move to an online accounting product yet.  Millions of small businesses use QuickBooks Desktop every day and need a tax planning software that works well with their bookkeeping process.

We built our QuickBooks Desktop integration with the small business owner in mind.  It is simple to setup, and once you sync with Tax Planner Pro, our software keeps your projection up to date without asking you to do any more sync tasks.  Everything happens at night when you are sleeping.

Just like with our other integrations, we don’t place any data in your bookkeeping software, we only read the data and copy the profit and loss information for use in the tax projections.  Tax Planner Pro will never change your data or create problems with your books.  This is a one-directional sync.

Also included in this release is the manual data entry module.  If you don’t feel like syncing your books, you can type in your business profits, and Tax Planner Pro can do the rest.

To see just how easy the QuickBooks Desktop integration is, watch this video below:

Christopher Ragain

My name is Christopher Ragain, I am the founder of Tax Planner Pro.  I love helping small business owners find creative and legal ways to beat the TaxMan.  My team and I love to write and you can find all of our insights on this blog!

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